Where will my flowers be going? If you are giving flowers as a gift or rewarding yourself at home, remember to discuss with the girls where you will be keeping the flowers. Cold climate flowers are beautiful in winter but don't always do well in a well heated room- this is something to think about when choosing your bunch.

Some people love the fragrance of strong flowers, other people prefer flowers with low or no scent- let the girls know what you are after and keep everyone's noses happy.

Faking it (it's a personal choice) - Remember , all plastics are derived from the ‘cracking' of crude oil. Petro-chemically derived products like artificial flowers are the biggest contributor to global Climate Change: the oil industry.

Maintenance tips. Some flowers take more maintaining than others. Some natives and flowers such as stocks need their water changed every other day or it becomes smelly. Keep this in mind when giving flowers as a present.